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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Greeting Quilters
I imagine that like me, most of you have either red or green thread in your machine right now. I hope this is the most fun time of the year for you to be sewing gifts for the ones you love.
I have lots of news for those that have not made it to Q. yet this year.
I am excited to tell you that Barb Mitchell is putting together a new address book with a picture of each of us. (I was so worried that I, the other Barb was going to have to do this.) We would like to get this going as soon as possible. If you are in Q. now get in front of Barb’s camera. If you are not in Q. yet and not arriving till after the holidays, could you please get you dues, updated addresses AND a recent photo to BARB MITCHEL. No baby pictures please. Camera shy?? We could have to draw you.
Bus Trip; We are going to go to the SEWING EXPO at the Phoenix State Fair grounds on January 29th Thursday. The bus is not the one we took last year. It is newer and larger. It will hold 50. The cost for the bus will be $40.00. The ticket to get in is $9.00 plus your own spending money and supper money on the way home. That is unless I win a big lottery and can afford to treat all of us. We need to know the number soon. A deposit or all the $40.00 would be nice by Dec 30th. A 2 payment plan could work too. Send your money to Barb M also.
Dec 23rd will be our Christmas party. We will have a pot luck. Remember that we are in the big hall now and do not have use of the kitchen. If you have a hot dish, it needs to be in a slow cooker. A cold dish needs to be in a ice chest. As always bring you beverage and utensils. A gift exchange will be had also. Please spend $5.00. If you bring a gift, you will get a gift. You do not have to participate in the exchange, come and have fun with us.
Election of officers. Election will be pushed to January 13 to be sure everyone is here to vote. Karen W. and Sandra D. are on the nominating committee and want to hear from YOU. We need officers to keep things moving.

Are your raffle blocks here? We are ready to start assembly soon.
If you are a friend of Beverly Bartunek’s, her husband passed away after a long illness. Her address is 308 Day St., Logansport IN 43947.

Natalie and I took 33 quilts up to Parker for social services. They said a big "THANK YOU" and keep them coming.

If you need an address or phone number let me know.

Happy Holidays
Barbara Williams