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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

March Classes 2009

Class for March 3 Paintstiks by Barbara W.

Shiva® Artist's Painstiks® are oil paint in a crayon form. They are made of wax, a small amount of low-acid linseed oil, and pigment. When the paints are not in use, a thin film or skin forms over the paint and keeps the paint from drying up. Once the protective film is removed, paintstik colors are the consistency of a lipstick or grease-paint. Paintstiks are solid, but softer than a pastel or crayon. The solid form of the paint makes them unique in the paint world. You can use the paint directly on fabric or paper (or any porous service) or apply the paint with a brush.

Please bring a scissor to cut paper pattern
stencil brush
PREWASHED fabric light color or muslin min. size 8X8
pen or pencil to trace your pattern
$2.00 donation to cover the paints
I will bring the rest of the supplies, plus muslin for those that do not have any with them. We will start at 9:30

March 10th will be Peggy's class, Down and Dirty Table Runners. This is a great gift item. You will need 2 pieces of fabric, I/4 yard and the other 1/2 yard, plus regular sewing equipment. It is best if you prewash this fabric.

March 17 class will be Prairie Points and triangles by Marilyn S., supply list next week.

For those not taking either class, bring black thread and help on the raffle quilt for next year. It is really looking great.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb 17 2009

We have 2 upcoming classes for Feb. 17 2009
Janet N will lead a class in applique
Supply list....don't panic if you do not have all the supplies we will share.
12 x 12 inch light colored background fabric
finger nail file
glue stick
heat resistant template material
canned spray starch
small iron
ironing surface
sharp needle #9 or #10
sharpie pen
paint brush or q-tip

Peggy B will demonstrate the construction of her" Down and Dirty "Table runner
If you wish to make one bring your regular sewing supplies plus
two pieces of prewashed fabric that will coordinate, one being 1/4 th yard the other, one third yard. It is lots of fun. I have made several.

Don't forget it is a pot luck lunch.