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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov 27 2007 meeting

Dec 4.…. 10 o’clock Marilyn will show us how to do a “taco folded pillow case”. This would be a great item to go with our charity quilts for the kids to store their personal belongings in. You will need 3 pieces of fabric that coordinate. ¾ yd of main color, 1/3 yd for top and the last piece 1/8 yd. Of course you need your sewing machine and the usual stuff.

Sandra will be teaching Tenerife on Dec 5th . I hope You will remember the beautiful quilt from the show last year. The class will be held at Desert Edge RV Park because of the fact that there is a charge for the class. You need to bring a 7 inch embroidery hoop and a needle with a eye large enough for Crochet thread. Sandra will have every thing else. The class will be $25.00. Sing up now. She needs a head count.

Dec 11 Janet will teach her starch method of appliqué. The supply list was given last time.

Dec 18th…Christmas party. Pot luck lunch will be served. Gift exchange is $5.00 and to fit in a toilet paper roll (like last year). Be creative, this can be fun.

Dec 18 th Barbara Bernard will show us how to do a woven table runner in the morning before we eat.

Bus trip… now to Barbara Mitchell

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nov 20 2007

Class Schedule
We had 28 members present today at the meeting. Several new people.
Remember to get your $40.00 To Barb M. for the bus trip Jan 17, 2008 We need the money NOW. The bus will leave the Senior Center at 6 a.m.

Nov 27 finger food pot luck lunch, no spoons ....bring your own plate and drink.

Nov 27 Crazy quilt blocks will be started. Bring your embellishment to sell or trade. 9 o'clock the doors open.

Dec 11 Janet will lead us in hand applique using the spray starch method.
  • background fabric approx 12 X12
  • Emory board
  • 4 or 5 scrape fabrics for flowers and leaves
  • glue stick
  • hand applique thread
  • heat resistant plastic for templates
  • Iron, small travel or craft
  • Ironing surface
  • needle- sharp applique #9 or #10
  • small artist paint brush
  • sharpie pen
  • small scissors
  • Spray starch original not heavy or sizing
  • thimble
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