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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilt news

Today's Meeting

Next week get your name on the committe of your choice.  There are lots of good spots left. Here is what /I wrote down......

Abbie will be in charge of next years quilt show.
Abbie and Natalie will continue taking the charity quilts.
Barb W.        on the ribbon committee.
Copy machine......?
Membership....Vice Pres Diane
inventory of suppplies.....
Raffle Quilt......?
QIA Sale........?
SHow Venders....Janice T.( I hope)

Hobo Stew next week....March 2.  Bring a can of stuff and your bowl and spoon
Barb's painting class starts at 9, Marilyn's will start about 10.

No Meeting March 9  Quartzsite Election.

Those that did not get their fabric from Bonnie, she will be in Bylthe the 9th at Camile's 919 E. Murphy St.....use the back door from the alley.  9 o'clock A.M. until ????CALIFORNIA time*****10 AZ.

Cindy Hopkins broke her ankle last week in a quad accident...She has a plate and 11 pins now...   She is home in Q. but will leave for home after her doc visit on Friday.

Hope I got it all!   Bye  Barb W.

show 2010

Click here to see the quilt show 2010.


Quilting News
Feb 23 Janet will teach an applique class.  You will be learning the technique not making a block.  Bring as many of the following as possible, but don't run out an buy a bunch of stuff now.  We can share.  Janet will give you her favorite threads.  Background fabric and a couple scrap fabrics for a leaf and a heart, Iron, Ironing surface (I hope you were listening to Rosemary's "TOOL TIME", spray starch, emery board, size 9 or 10 sharp needle, mylar for pattern, sharpie pen.
March 2.....2 classes
Marilyn will teach her easy swirl table topper.  You saw it at the show and for show and tell.  You need 5/8 yard of focus fabric and 1/3 yard background.
Barb W will teach paint stiks.  Oil paint in a crayon form.  We will cut out freezer paper to make a stencil and iron it to the fabric.  you will then learn how to paint a awesome cactus. donate Barb a dollar and she will bring everything you need.  Can we start at 9?  Then Marilyn can start about 10ish???  So many people are leaving so we are trying to do both clases the same day.
Mach 16th  Bonnie and Ken will be here for the last time this season.  If you were going to pick up fabric on the 10th at the Desert Gold, the time is 1 o'clock.  The 9th she is in Blythe.
Linda has found us some great people to take over as officers until the new election in January.  Thank you everyone!!
Pres: Nancy Whitney
vice Pres:  Diane Phillips
Co-Secretaries:  Sue Hickman and Lee Skelton

President Nancy wishes to start March out with a HOBO STEW pot luck.  For those of you that do not know what this is...we each bring something to throw in the pot.  Please no products with MSG.  I promise not to bring any pinapple (althought it is great) Bring a can of something or something fresh or rice etc. , but be sure to peel or cut it if necessary. Nancy's DH (dear husband) will do the stirring.  Bring a bowl, spoon, beverage and be ready to enjoy!!!
Bonnie Morgan and I (barb W) will have a proto type landscape ribbon to show for the next meeting.  We will  get a group together to make them..
Well I am ready to push the send button.  Hope I did not forget too many things.  Did you get the link to the show pictures???? I have not edited them or got names. 
Have you got the new Desert Messenger???  Wow look at us!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Raffle quilt winner

Quilt Guild member Neta Welsh Has won the raffle quilt. Hopefully a picture will be posted soon. Check the winning quilt pictures at