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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quartzsite Quilters newsletter

This letter is a little early because I will be on a one month rock hunting trip.  I chose to send it early rather then late.  I will be in OR, Utah and Nevada .  Sure hope to never see another rattle snake.  Quartzsite was scary enough….right next to my house no less!!!!


The Bad news first.  Dee broke her wrist April 24th.  They are operating on it on May 7th.  She will be slow at answering emails and quilting with one hand...They had planned to leave Q. on May 1, but now who knows.


If you are wondering where your address book is....the club decided not to mail them out unless you request it at your cost.  Dee has them and will send them out when she is able, after the surgery.   For the updates only she needs $1.83.  The whole book, for new members will cost you $2.33??? I wrote the number down somewhere .  Her Q. address is P O Box 4821 Quartzsite AZ 85359 .  I assume her mail will be forwarded when she heads to CA. email


Have you started your charity items?  This year we will also provide quilts to the Quartzsite Police Department.  The Quartzsite preschoolers received quilts last year and were very happy.  We have pictures of them and thank you letters.  A BIG Thank you to Natalie and Abbie for the time they put in on this project.


When life throws you scrapes, make a quilt


Julie A.  will not be back next season.  She and her father will be going to KOA in Mesa .  The 5th wheel at Q Mountain is for sale.  I think it is a 32 foot with 2 slides.  $10,000 obo. Her father was sick this past winter and had heart surgery.  We will miss her.


I hope some of you have time to make the pillow cases Rosemary suggested.    They can go with the quilts or to any charity and still be counted in the million pillow case challenge.   We are planning a work day for charity quilts....maybe we would also do a day of pillow cases.  I am sure that there are several of us that can help teach the taco style pillow case.   I will enclose the pattern later because my scanner will not scan at this moment.  I'll work on that later.


Candice is leading the challenge block this year.  If you have not got one she had several left last time I saw her.  Give her a call or email.


Next Quartzsite Quilt Show is February 11 and 12.  Get your quilts ready.


If I stitch fast enough does it count as an aerobic exercise?


Hope all the round robin people are doing well.  I got a note from Kathy C. She is enjoying hers. She signed up for two groups so gets double the surprises in her mail box.  She was having great weather 2 weeks ago.  I wonder what it is like there now since I am freezing in Minnesota .  We had light snow fall last night and of course frost warnings.


.      She who dies with the most fabric, wins.    She who dies with the most fabric, dies.  When is the estate sale? ( Okay that is sick…but I still had to laugh.)




The only notes I have for next years classes are as follows:

Sheri Dean ….quillows

Dee Falcon…..repeat 6 minute circles

Barb Williams….more paintstiks now that some of us are hooked on them.

Wanda…Brazilian embrodiary at least we hope for an other new stitch


I know Janice will have a  list in Sept so you can have a better idea on what special things you will need.


Not to worry, Connecting Threads gave me permition to copy their instructions for the newsletter.


Opps… almost forgot  the note from Abbie.

Please try to bring your first ever quilt next year. What fun it can be to see how much we have all learned.  (Do you want these for the quilt show Abbie, or just show and tell?)


Don't forget to bring one or two items for the drawing basket, craft table and or for the  Quilt Show.  The craft table items must be all hand made and sewing or quilting related please.

 For those of you that are new to computers....I have sent the basic bias binding instrutions as an attachment.  You may have to right click on the paper clip to open it.  Some computers will open it automatically. 

Remember, any time is stitching time.

Barbara Williams