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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Greeting Quilters
I imagine that like me, most of you have either red or green thread in your machine right now. I hope this is the most fun time of the year for you to be sewing gifts for the ones you love.
I have lots of news for those that have not made it to Q. yet this year.
I am excited to tell you that Barb Mitchell is putting together a new address book with a picture of each of us. (I was so worried that I, the other Barb was going to have to do this.) We would like to get this going as soon as possible. If you are in Q. now get in front of Barb’s camera. If you are not in Q. yet and not arriving till after the holidays, could you please get you dues, updated addresses AND a recent photo to BARB MITCHEL. No baby pictures please. Camera shy?? We could have to draw you.
Bus Trip; We are going to go to the SEWING EXPO at the Phoenix State Fair grounds on January 29th Thursday. The bus is not the one we took last year. It is newer and larger. It will hold 50. The cost for the bus will be $40.00. The ticket to get in is $9.00 plus your own spending money and supper money on the way home. That is unless I win a big lottery and can afford to treat all of us. We need to know the number soon. A deposit or all the $40.00 would be nice by Dec 30th. A 2 payment plan could work too. Send your money to Barb M also.
Dec 23rd will be our Christmas party. We will have a pot luck. Remember that we are in the big hall now and do not have use of the kitchen. If you have a hot dish, it needs to be in a slow cooker. A cold dish needs to be in a ice chest. As always bring you beverage and utensils. A gift exchange will be had also. Please spend $5.00. If you bring a gift, you will get a gift. You do not have to participate in the exchange, come and have fun with us.
Election of officers. Election will be pushed to January 13 to be sure everyone is here to vote. Karen W. and Sandra D. are on the nominating committee and want to hear from YOU. We need officers to keep things moving.

Are your raffle blocks here? We are ready to start assembly soon.
If you are a friend of Beverly Bartunek’s, her husband passed away after a long illness. Her address is 308 Day St., Logansport IN 43947.

Natalie and I took 33 quilts up to Parker for social services. They said a big "THANK YOU" and keep them coming.

If you need an address or phone number let me know.

Happy Holidays
Barbara Williams

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nov. 4, 2008

Don't forget, Nov 4th is election day. Be sure to vote. We will not be able to meet at the senior center that day because it is the polling station. See you there the week after on Nov. 11th.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Awards Committee Report

I am sorry that I could not get the formatting to work. My original copy looks much nicer. This is the best I could do.

Committee Goals
1. Determine classes
2. Determine sizes
3. Determine awards
4. Determine how many places
5. Decide how to mark items for voting
6. Decide where and when to award prizes

I. Categories
a. Bed Quilts….the entrant declares.
i.Twin size ….minimum 54” x 90”
ii.Double or full ..72” x90”
iii.Queen size ….90” x 108”
iv.King ………..108” x 108
b .Small quilts
i.Crib size …42” x 54” or smaller
ii. Lap robe size…less then 54” x 42”
c . Wall hangings
i.All sizes from small to large
i1.not a bedcover or table topper
d. Household and decorative …entrant declares
i. Tablecloth
ii. Table toppers
iii. Table runners
iv. Pillows
v. Kitchen items
Pot holders
Appliance covers
e. Wearable
i. Sweatshirts
ii. Jackets
iii. Vests
iv. Purses and totes
v. Other Accessories
II. Awards
a. Winners will be notified as soon as possible
i. Votes tallied by number as soon as possible
b. First, second and third places
i. Each category
1. most votes will be first place
2. second place will be second place
3. Third most votes will be third place
c. People’s choice
i. Will be a separate vote
ii. Can be any item
D. Award labels
i. To be designed and contain
Guild name
ii. Will be awarded to each winner
E. Ribbons
i. Will be designed and made by a ribbon committee
F. Awards ceremony
1. Will be held at the first meeting of the Guild after the show
2. Followed by a pot luck
III. Marking the quilt
a. Each item will receive a colored dot to determine the category
b. Ballots will be marked to match with more dots or sharpie pens
1. Explain clearly to the voters

Committee members:
Peggy Barnes
Sue Hickman
Phyllis Lambeth
Donna Reynolds

Dates to Remember

The first meeting of the new season will be Oct 14th. Dues are still $10.00, payable at your first meeting ($5 to Q.Q. and $5. to the senior center.)
The quilt show will be February 13 & 14, 2009.
See you soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sept newsletter 2008

Hello Everyone!

 I hope everyone is well this holiday weekend. 

Oh no, I just dropped a little sliver of paper into my keyboard.  Does anyone know how to get it out??  Yes, I tipped it upside down and tried to shake it out.  It's still there.  I was trimming photos while downloading.  Now is that dumb?…right next to my key board, and me who always has a cloth over it to keep the dust out.  Well, it seems to be working so until then, let's get going on this newsletter.


To those without email, I sent out the news that Barb Cozby has breast cancer and asked members to send her a card or a quilt block 6 inches finished size. Her address is 36704 Venado Drive, Coarsegold, CA 93614


 From  Barb Cozby.  "I want to thank you and others from the guild who have sent me quilt blocks. I start chemo August 25th and go every two weeks, then radiation.  Thanks for the  encouragement from Q.  It has lifted my spirits."


I am sad to tell you that Reba Jones also has cancer.  She started her chemo August 13 and it will go until Nov. So far she is not sick from the chemo and plans to work on her round robin blocks.  GO Girl!   If you have a chance to send her a card or maybe a quilt block  to let her know you care about her. Reba Jones Box 172 Okanogan, WA  98840.


Judy Rockwell's husband is in a wheel chair now so they won't be able to come to Q. this year.  We will miss her and all  her lovely quilts.


I wanted to put a list of classes and fabric requirements.  That's just the kind of person I am, so that I can start packing.  I leave Minnesota the last week of October, but don't arrive in Q until about the 10th.   So I guess this is the best I can do.  Bring your stuff and some extra stash. This is all I have;

  • T shirt with Quartzsite Quilters lettered on it.  Nancy will teach you how to iron  fusible letters cut from fabric. Then with a piece of stabilizer underneath you will be able to zigzag or straight stitch the letters.  Bring your own shirt, Nancy will have the stabilizer if you don't have any.  These shirts are so great because you never have to worry about what to wear to class. Plus you will look great!
  • Silk Ribbon Embroidery II.  Janice did such a great job last year that we have asked her to do it again!  Bring what you have, Janice will have supplies that you may purchase if you need something more.
  • Slash your stash.  It is so fun and easy.  This can be turned into a crazy quilt too if you would like. I think we did this class 2 years ago.  I missed it.
  • Stack and wack; have 8 fabric repeats 12 inch in size and fabric to coordinate.
  • Marilyn is taking some machine quilting classes with the Utah Guild.  Is anyone interested in a class on whole cloth quilting?
  • Marilyn also has a fun pinwheel block that would make a great baby or larger quilt that she would share with us.
  • Bring your own ideas to share




Demonstrations:  Janet and I will show you how to do a couple of fun things.

    1. Because we have so many feather weight owners in our group (including me), Janet will show us how to use some of our attachments.  I was trying to use my narrow hemmer and found out the hard way that it was meant for light weight fabrics rather then my calico.  Much of this may overlap to other machines.  Janet says, "If you have a MYSTERY attachment for your machine, bring it with and we will try to figure out how to use it."
    2. I am doing some pin weaving.  This would be a fun way to use up those extra, long scraps from your string quilts.  Bring your scraps and we will use them up one way or the other.  I will be using wonder under or steam a seam 2, crochet thread and fancy yarns or ribbon too.
    3. It's me again.  I took a class using paint sticks.  I make a stencil from freezer paper and stencil on the fabric.  Liven up a quilt that just didn't make the grade or do it on purpose.  Bring paint sticks and stencil brushes if you want to paint along. 


Don't forget:

  1. Charity quilt
  2. Louise challenge block, 12 ½ inches using challenge fabric.
  3. Items to sell at the craft table.  If you are coming late they can be mailed to Barb Mitchell for the first sale in November.
  4. Raffle block if you are making one.  Nancy will be in Q. in mid Oct. to get started.
  5. Antique item to display at the quilt show in February.
  6. Items for the quilt show in February.  Remember we have more classes.
  7. Have you finished the block for our out-going president???  Don't forget.  Natalie asked for a friendship block with our name in the middle.  Use white muslin in the center to write on.  The unfinished size should be 10 ½ inches, any pattern, any color.
  8. We can still use more classes so bring ideas and patterns. Also bring your show and tell items.


Zelia (Zee) Still, just sent me a picture of my quilt. For those of you with internet, it is on the blog.    She  has a long arm and quilted it for me over the summer.   WOW it looks great.  Now where did I put the binding?  She has a long arm and is in Quartzsite almost full time.  You may want to bring her some quilting when you get back to town.




Committees:  Barb W., Icky, and Louise will be making the ribbons for the show this year.  I am sure we could use help.  We will try to do this at a meeting, otherwise at my place.


Enclosed is a website with a  check book cover pattern.  I thought this might be a great item for the crafts sale.  Of course I would imagine everyone would want to use a quilt block.  Mine will be embellished with scrapes of fabric and yarn.  I just got home from JoAnn Fabric where I bought fusible web and yarn for this project.  The web address is  If you can't get it I can try to email it to you as a attachment.  Let me know.  Mine turned out very nice. 



Here is something to do with your extra cucumbers.


Directions: To make the dressing, in a large bowl, combine sour cream, dill, vinegar, sugar,
salt, and pepper until well mixed. Refrigerate until the salad is ready to
serve. Peel cucumbers, cut them in half lengthwise, and remove seeds; cut them
crosswise into thin slices. Thinly slice onion. Fold the cucumber and onion into
the dressing. Spoon the salad into a serving dish, and serve immediately.

This recipe is from CDKitchen

Creamy Cucumber Salad
Serves/Makes: 4    |    |   Ready In: < 30 minutes


2 large Cucumbers, chilled
1/2 small Yellow onion
***Sour Cream Dressing***
1/2 cup Sour cream
1 teaspoon Dill weed
1 tablespoon Cider vinegar
1 teaspoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon White pepper




Remember the blog address is

See you soon.

Barbara Williams

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Now for the binding

This is my myserty quilt from last year. Zee Still of our guild quilted it for me. Doesn't it look great? I can't wait to get the binding put on it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 2008 newsletter

NEWSLETTER FOR JULY 2008 (at last)

Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! I still have grandkids here, maybe for the whole summer.
Barb M is loving the 112 degrees in Q. It finally rained here in Alexandria MN. No we are not flooded here.
I just took a class making a convergence quilt. If the kids will ever let me get back to my sewing machine, the second part of the class will teach us how to decorate with paint sticks.

From Janet Nieuwenhoff; Please change my phone number in your book to 508-277-3737. By the way did you change my (B W)cell phone to 320-760-1078? The line phone is still the best to use anyway.
Need something to do this winter? Check this out : Quilting at the Lake, “Quilters Gone Wild”, hosted by The Havasu Stitchers January 8,9,10, 2009 Featuring classes by National and Local Teachers (under Odds N Ends) for those with internet. If you want registration blanks Barb Mitchell has some she can send you. Just give her a call. It sounds like lots of fun, plus it is close to Q.
Remember your charity quilt. I will gather the material and make mine in Quartzsite in November because it sure doesn’t look like I’ll have time here in Minnesota.

Right now I’m thinking about making my second quilt for Quilts of Valor. My guild here in Minnesota had a speaker on this subject. If any one is interested the minimum size is 50 x 60. If you make a top there are lots of long arm quilters that will donate their quilting for you. For more information, visit

Puzzler…. If you have nothing to do while sitting in the shade drinking your ice tea, think about this. Janet has started another quilt with a zillion pieces. The finished size of the quilt will be 63 x 49 inches. Each piece will be cut 7/8 of an inch and finished to 3/8ths. She already has 36 squares done, just 64 to go. How many total pieces will she be sewing? Email your answers to me or mail or call them to her. She will have the quilt ready for our show. The answer will be posted this fall.

Presidents’ quilt. As you know Natalie’s term as president is coming to an end. It is our tradition to each make a quilt block for her. Natalie said she would love a friendship block from each of us with our name in the middle. Let us all make a block for her 10 ½ inches unfinished size. The center should be made with white muslin and have our name and what ever else you wish to add. Use what ever pattern or colors you like. Of course you know Natalie loves color.
Class schedule. .....I have none at this time.
Abbie I am working on an idea to use up all the little snippets of fabric that we have been saving, so keep saving them. I will let you know in the fall newsletter about September. I hope to list fabric requirement at that time.
From Janet Wickell, on Your Guide to Quilting. Say Goodbye to All Those Strings if you Prewash your fabric. The only thing I really dislike about prewashing my quilting fabrics is all the strings that come loose during the wash, wrapping themselves in knots around the yardage. The threads twist and pull at the fabric when they get tangled up in the wash--and you have to remove them before they go into the dryer so that fabrics come out wrinkle-free. Neglect to lose the threads and you'll see oodles of accordion pleats when you take fabrics out of the dryer. It's easy to eliminate nearly all of the strings. Just clip off a little triangular section from each corner of fabrics before you wash them. Try about 1/2" or a little less. You'll still see a bit of fraying, but not enough to create bunches of knots.
Give it a try the next time you prewash your quilting fabrics--that little snip really makes a difference.
I do like to send out greeting when ever I have a minute. July Birthdays are: BJ, Julie, Mabel, Margaret, Jean, Nanci C., Marce, and Sparky. August Ella, Reba, Evelyn, Jan, Ethel, Phyllis, Donna P., Arlene, Marylee, Barbara W., Rose C., Sandra. Happy Birthday also to anyone that I omitted or missed in June…sorry.

Happy Stitching. Barbara Williams

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why I am not bloging

I have company this summer. She is 12 years old and keeps me busy. She is showing off the tote bag I just finished. The pattern is from the Internet, I hope to make many more. It stopped raining long enough for me to take this picture at least.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Carrot Sticks

I have been sewing up a storm since our weather is so crumby. Here is my latest. It is from Fast & Fabulous Quilting Ideas 2008 Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection. Boy was that a mouthful. It is designed by Shelley Robson on page 22. It is a quilt as you go project, very easy. My grand kids love it!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 2008 Newsletter

May 2008 News

Are you finished with Louise’s challenge block? Not me I have the fabrics stuck on my bulletin board waiting for a brilliant idea to strike me. After all we have until the 2nd meeting in Jan to get them finished. Don’t forget….12 ½ inches square (unfinished) I work best under pressure.

Raffle quilt for 2009. How are the raffle blocks coming??? I am still hunting for the proper colors of fabric. I have a few but have to keep looking. If any one else is having the same problem, may be we can get together and share. We will all be eager to start sewing the blocks together in the fall. If you are having any problems let Nancy know. Bring some extra squares for use in the border.

Charity quilts. Remember we would like every member to make a charity quilt. It does not have to be you finest work. These quilts get used hard and are not always well treated. They don’t all go to babies, lots are troubled teens. There was talk of having a sewing day to work on these or bring them with any sewing day. Again, if you have a question or can’t do this talk to someone, President Natalie or I would like to hear from you.

Craft sales; Hope you have been sewing some little items to sell at the craft show. We are required to be selling something along with your raffle quilt tickets. I am enclosing a pin cushion pattern. The potato bags were good sellers last year. Do you have any new ideas???

Classes; So far as I have heard this is what we have.
• Janice……Silk Ribbon Embroidery II
• Nancy……T shirt with Quartzsite quilters’ name (this was a great class. You will learn to cut and fuse the letters on then use a stabilizer underneath so that you can stitch down the letters with out clogging up the t shirt in the feed dogs, like I used to do before this class. Best yet, you don’t have to worry about what to wear to class….You have your t shirt! Well I guess you should have some accessories to go with it like pants….)
• Did I hear mini quilts ???Jean is that you????

Committees: I have been told things are under way. Since we decided to have hand made ribbons for the quilt show we need people to make the ribbons. I have told Natalie that I would LOVE to make ribbons. Does anyone want to help me? We will do this in Q, in Nov. and Dec. I am hoping that Icky reads this because I need your help! Let me know if you want to help. Maybe we can do this at a meeting. I am assuming that we will be rusching or yo-yoing these.

Quilt show; All I have here is to bring any antique items you have and we will do an antique area at the show. This can be anything quilting related. Don’t worry we don’t have to use pole barn nails to hang your quilt up on the wall. They will be handled with the respect that they deserve.

Sunshine news: Although Dottie had to leave Q. early because of an old back injury, she is moving once more. Fern has not had knee replacement yet, so far just a cortisone shot.
Louise received a feather weight from her “favorite daughter” WAY TO GO!

May Birthdays:
Sandra, Candace, Louise, Marilyn, Irene, Pat R., Patsy, Dottie, Gloria, Gerry
A Happy Birthday to all.

From Bonnie Morgan…. Don’t throw out that wrinkled, wavy cutting mat. With a large cloth wet the mat with HOT water. Rewet the cloth again and place it on the spot where the wavy is. Place a hot iron on the cloth. Do not slide the iron around. Check to see when the wrinkles are gone. It will take time, just keep doing it. Then move to the next wrinkle until they are all gone.

I have not tried Bonnie’s idea yet because my wavy mat is in Quartzsite.

Below is the mission statement for the new members, just review for the older members.

The mission of the Quartzsite Quilt Guild is to promote the art of quilting, support and educate quilt makers of all skill levels.
We are dedicated to fellowship and sharing the enjoyment of quilting.
1. To finish one child's quilt per member by the third week of March each year. These quilts will be donated to Children's Protective Services for distribution to children in crisis.
2. To stage the Quartzsite Quilt Guilt Show. The show is held, Friday and Saturday, the second weekend of February at Senior Citizen Building located at 40 N. Moon Mountain in Quartzsite, Arizona
3. To make a quilt to be raffled at the annual quilt show. Proceeds will go to charities designated by the guild members.
Meetings are held every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 3 PM. The first Tuesday of the month there will be a business meeting. The meetings will be held at the Senior Citizen Building.
The executive shall consist of:
1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Project Chairpersons:
Quilt Show
Raffle Quilt
Q.I.A. Craft Shows
Education Sessions
Charity Quilts
The term of office will be two years. Elections will be held in January, every second year for the following fall.
Dues are $10.00 annually and are to be paid at the first meeting you attend.
$5.00 for Guild and $5.00 for membership at Senior Citizens
Our year will have to follow the same as Senior Citizens, namely, October – April.
Which will be known as the “season” (example October 2007-April-2008)

pin cushion page 2

This is page 2

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pin cushion pattern

I scanned this pattern from Abbie but can not get it to my email so I will give this a try. You should be able to click on it if it is not large enough.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi Everyone! 
I hope that everyone that was going "home" had a safe trip. Yes, the Q people have told me about the nice WARM weather.  Next year I am staying later in to April.   We had a flat the first day before we even got out of the state.  Yes, I know, too many rocks in the trailer.  It has snowed 3 times since we got home.  There was 8 inches in the last storm on Thursday.  There was even thunder and lightening.
Since I can't find my car in all the snow, I have been sewing to beat the band.  I made the block from Janet's stained glass class and it is great. Have you tried it yet?   I love it.  Thank you Janet and all the other great teachers that shared with us this year. 
 I hope you are checking out the pictures on the web pages.  We have 2 web sites now.  Let me know which you like better.  The picsa address is  I have more pictures to post if I ever get away from my sewing machine.  Also, if I put the wrong name on your picture....PLEASE tell me or you will be called by that name forever. 
I hope for a newsletter about May 1 2008.  Let me know if you have news.

Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

minutes from March 2008 meeting

The meeting was called to order by Natalie Schnieder on 3-04-08 at 1:00 PM in the Senior Center.
The Secretary and Treasurer's reports were read and approved. The total sale of the raffle quilt tickets was $1,490.00.
The secretarial duties were assumed by Gerry Parker and in Jan. 2009 there will be an election of officers.
A suggestion was made to form a committee to give guide lines and advise the president. Quilt show suggestions have been made, one of them being a display of antique quilts which could include just an antique block.
Gayle Atkinson was absent so no information was available about the bus trip to Eleanor Burns Show.
Members rosters and the updates are available. There are now 100 quilt members.
More pipes are needed for the quilt show. Abbie's husband will check out the feasibility of conduit and Marcie Pittner made the motion that Abbie's husband use discretion and purchase the pipes. Donna Reynolds made the motion that up to $500.00 could be spent on the purchase. Both motions were seconded and passed.
A committee headed by Peggy Barnes was formed to determine the quilt categories for next year's Quilt Show.
Natalie will bring the raffle tickets if people would like to take raffle tickets with them to sell this summer. Names and ticket numbers will be needed of those thickets going out this summer.
Upcoming classes include: 3-11-Janice Templeton will teach Silk Ribbon Embroidery, 3-18-Janet will teach Stained Glass Windows, 3-25-Alice will teach Circles.
The 2010 quilt still has one applique flower and many 25 block sections to be selected.
The first two weeks in April are the last meetings at the Senior Center this spring.
Next week is sack lunch followed by potluck on the 25th.
Donna Reynolds needs to speak with the members of Round Robin #1.
Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM by Natalie Schneider, President.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Gerry Parker

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

grandma's flower garden



These are some of the great quilts being made in Janet's "Grandma's flower garden" classes. Thank you JANET!!!!
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Peggy's hexagon star class


Kay, Donna R, Nona, Donna P, Phyliss, and Barb M.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Febuary 26

Louise passed out the ugly fabric for our challenge block today. We are making a 12 1/2 inch block.
Nancy got us started on our 2010 raffle quilt. It will have patch work and applique blocks. The pattern is from the book "flowering quilts" by Kim Schaffer. Blocks are being assigned.
March 4 will be a business meeting. Bring your own lunch.
March 4 Peggy will teach use to do a hexagon place mat.
March 11 Janice T. will teach silk ribbon embroidery.
Our new member, Zelia (Zee) has a long arm and will be interested in doing some quilting for us.
Don't forget to check the photos on picasa and flickr.
I will be out of here March 7th and on my way home to MN. Take care and stay safe.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

class change for Feb 26

Dottie had to leave so we will not be doing the soft side sweat shirts now. We will finish up our other projects and work on the raffle quilt.
Pot luck lunch on the 26th. Please bring a salad or a finger food to share plus your own dishes.
I hope you are signing up for Louise's challenge quilt block. Email her as soon as possible.

Quilt show:
We took in a total of $1490.00 on the raffle quilt and 563 people viewed our lovely quilts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February classes

Wow we have 86 members now, and we are still growing!
The quilt show is this Friday and Saturday Feb 8 an 9.

Feb. 12.....Pot Luck bring an ethnic dish from your culture to share. Remember to bring your own dishes.

Feb 12 class.....Starting at 10 am Marilyn will show us how to do the disappearing nine patch. It is a really neat variation on the nine patch. Sew 2 nine patch blocks at home using 2 colors. The color placement should be reversed for the second block. Suggested size is 3 1/2 inch squares. Your unfinished block will be 9 1/2 inches. Bring your sewing machine etc.

Feb 12....Dee will start us making a sweatshirt jacket. Bring a sweat shirt LARGER then you normally wear, 1 yard fabric, freezer paper (if you have some), and your sewing supplies.

Feb 19... Gail will teach us to make a chenille pot holder. You will need 5 layers of flannel and a piece of batting 10 inches square plus fabric to bind and back with. Don't forget you cutting and sewing supplies. You may want to finish up Dee's sweat shirt too.

Feb 26....Dottie will show us how to make a "Soft Side Sweat Shirt". Again bring a sweat shirt one size larger then you wear, fabric, 6 fat quarters or equal scraps and sewing supplies. Here we will cut the shirt apart and lay the fabric in a pattern or what ever and sew on top and we may use decorative threads etc to embellish. She showed us 3 different styles. They will all look totally different. I can't wait to start. Yes, you may us flannel also.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Congress AZ Show

February 22-23, 2008

25th Congress Quilt Show
Congress Silver Celebration, Congress, AZ
9am to 4pmDonations $3.00
information or questions Joan Turpin 928-685-3573 -

From the Heart Quilt Show

Febuary 8 & 9 2008

10 AM to 3 PM

Senior Citizens Building

40 N. Moon Mountian Road

Quartzsite AZ

for entry forms contact Marilyn at 928-927-9693