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Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 2008 Newsletter

May 2008 News

Are you finished with Louise’s challenge block? Not me I have the fabrics stuck on my bulletin board waiting for a brilliant idea to strike me. After all we have until the 2nd meeting in Jan to get them finished. Don’t forget….12 ½ inches square (unfinished) I work best under pressure.

Raffle quilt for 2009. How are the raffle blocks coming??? I am still hunting for the proper colors of fabric. I have a few but have to keep looking. If any one else is having the same problem, may be we can get together and share. We will all be eager to start sewing the blocks together in the fall. If you are having any problems let Nancy know. Bring some extra squares for use in the border.

Charity quilts. Remember we would like every member to make a charity quilt. It does not have to be you finest work. These quilts get used hard and are not always well treated. They don’t all go to babies, lots are troubled teens. There was talk of having a sewing day to work on these or bring them with any sewing day. Again, if you have a question or can’t do this talk to someone, President Natalie or I would like to hear from you.

Craft sales; Hope you have been sewing some little items to sell at the craft show. We are required to be selling something along with your raffle quilt tickets. I am enclosing a pin cushion pattern. The potato bags were good sellers last year. Do you have any new ideas???

Classes; So far as I have heard this is what we have.
• Janice……Silk Ribbon Embroidery II
• Nancy……T shirt with Quartzsite quilters’ name (this was a great class. You will learn to cut and fuse the letters on then use a stabilizer underneath so that you can stitch down the letters with out clogging up the t shirt in the feed dogs, like I used to do before this class. Best yet, you don’t have to worry about what to wear to class….You have your t shirt! Well I guess you should have some accessories to go with it like pants….)
• Did I hear mini quilts ???Jean is that you????

Committees: I have been told things are under way. Since we decided to have hand made ribbons for the quilt show we need people to make the ribbons. I have told Natalie that I would LOVE to make ribbons. Does anyone want to help me? We will do this in Q, in Nov. and Dec. I am hoping that Icky reads this because I need your help! Let me know if you want to help. Maybe we can do this at a meeting. I am assuming that we will be rusching or yo-yoing these.

Quilt show; All I have here is to bring any antique items you have and we will do an antique area at the show. This can be anything quilting related. Don’t worry we don’t have to use pole barn nails to hang your quilt up on the wall. They will be handled with the respect that they deserve.

Sunshine news: Although Dottie had to leave Q. early because of an old back injury, she is moving once more. Fern has not had knee replacement yet, so far just a cortisone shot.
Louise received a feather weight from her “favorite daughter” WAY TO GO!

May Birthdays:
Sandra, Candace, Louise, Marilyn, Irene, Pat R., Patsy, Dottie, Gloria, Gerry
A Happy Birthday to all.

From Bonnie Morgan…. Don’t throw out that wrinkled, wavy cutting mat. With a large cloth wet the mat with HOT water. Rewet the cloth again and place it on the spot where the wavy is. Place a hot iron on the cloth. Do not slide the iron around. Check to see when the wrinkles are gone. It will take time, just keep doing it. Then move to the next wrinkle until they are all gone.

I have not tried Bonnie’s idea yet because my wavy mat is in Quartzsite.

Below is the mission statement for the new members, just review for the older members.

The mission of the Quartzsite Quilt Guild is to promote the art of quilting, support and educate quilt makers of all skill levels.
We are dedicated to fellowship and sharing the enjoyment of quilting.
1. To finish one child's quilt per member by the third week of March each year. These quilts will be donated to Children's Protective Services for distribution to children in crisis.
2. To stage the Quartzsite Quilt Guilt Show. The show is held, Friday and Saturday, the second weekend of February at Senior Citizen Building located at 40 N. Moon Mountain in Quartzsite, Arizona
3. To make a quilt to be raffled at the annual quilt show. Proceeds will go to charities designated by the guild members.
Meetings are held every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 3 PM. The first Tuesday of the month there will be a business meeting. The meetings will be held at the Senior Citizen Building.
The executive shall consist of:
1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Project Chairpersons:
Quilt Show
Raffle Quilt
Q.I.A. Craft Shows
Education Sessions
Charity Quilts
The term of office will be two years. Elections will be held in January, every second year for the following fall.
Dues are $10.00 annually and are to be paid at the first meeting you attend.
$5.00 for Guild and $5.00 for membership at Senior Citizens
Our year will have to follow the same as Senior Citizens, namely, October – April.
Which will be known as the “season” (example October 2007-April-2008)

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