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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sept newsletter 2008

Hello Everyone!

 I hope everyone is well this holiday weekend. 

Oh no, I just dropped a little sliver of paper into my keyboard.  Does anyone know how to get it out??  Yes, I tipped it upside down and tried to shake it out.  It's still there.  I was trimming photos while downloading.  Now is that dumb?…right next to my key board, and me who always has a cloth over it to keep the dust out.  Well, it seems to be working so until then, let's get going on this newsletter.


To those without email, I sent out the news that Barb Cozby has breast cancer and asked members to send her a card or a quilt block 6 inches finished size. Her address is 36704 Venado Drive, Coarsegold, CA 93614


 From  Barb Cozby.  "I want to thank you and others from the guild who have sent me quilt blocks. I start chemo August 25th and go every two weeks, then radiation.  Thanks for the  encouragement from Q.  It has lifted my spirits."


I am sad to tell you that Reba Jones also has cancer.  She started her chemo August 13 and it will go until Nov. So far she is not sick from the chemo and plans to work on her round robin blocks.  GO Girl!   If you have a chance to send her a card or maybe a quilt block  to let her know you care about her. Reba Jones Box 172 Okanogan, WA  98840.


Judy Rockwell's husband is in a wheel chair now so they won't be able to come to Q. this year.  We will miss her and all  her lovely quilts.


I wanted to put a list of classes and fabric requirements.  That's just the kind of person I am, so that I can start packing.  I leave Minnesota the last week of October, but don't arrive in Q until about the 10th.   So I guess this is the best I can do.  Bring your stuff and some extra stash. This is all I have;

  • T shirt with Quartzsite Quilters lettered on it.  Nancy will teach you how to iron  fusible letters cut from fabric. Then with a piece of stabilizer underneath you will be able to zigzag or straight stitch the letters.  Bring your own shirt, Nancy will have the stabilizer if you don't have any.  These shirts are so great because you never have to worry about what to wear to class. Plus you will look great!
  • Silk Ribbon Embroidery II.  Janice did such a great job last year that we have asked her to do it again!  Bring what you have, Janice will have supplies that you may purchase if you need something more.
  • Slash your stash.  It is so fun and easy.  This can be turned into a crazy quilt too if you would like. I think we did this class 2 years ago.  I missed it.
  • Stack and wack; have 8 fabric repeats 12 inch in size and fabric to coordinate.
  • Marilyn is taking some machine quilting classes with the Utah Guild.  Is anyone interested in a class on whole cloth quilting?
  • Marilyn also has a fun pinwheel block that would make a great baby or larger quilt that she would share with us.
  • Bring your own ideas to share




Demonstrations:  Janet and I will show you how to do a couple of fun things.

    1. Because we have so many feather weight owners in our group (including me), Janet will show us how to use some of our attachments.  I was trying to use my narrow hemmer and found out the hard way that it was meant for light weight fabrics rather then my calico.  Much of this may overlap to other machines.  Janet says, "If you have a MYSTERY attachment for your machine, bring it with and we will try to figure out how to use it."
    2. I am doing some pin weaving.  This would be a fun way to use up those extra, long scraps from your string quilts.  Bring your scraps and we will use them up one way or the other.  I will be using wonder under or steam a seam 2, crochet thread and fancy yarns or ribbon too.
    3. It's me again.  I took a class using paint sticks.  I make a stencil from freezer paper and stencil on the fabric.  Liven up a quilt that just didn't make the grade or do it on purpose.  Bring paint sticks and stencil brushes if you want to paint along. 


Don't forget:

  1. Charity quilt
  2. Louise challenge block, 12 ½ inches using challenge fabric.
  3. Items to sell at the craft table.  If you are coming late they can be mailed to Barb Mitchell for the first sale in November.
  4. Raffle block if you are making one.  Nancy will be in Q. in mid Oct. to get started.
  5. Antique item to display at the quilt show in February.
  6. Items for the quilt show in February.  Remember we have more classes.
  7. Have you finished the block for our out-going president???  Don't forget.  Natalie asked for a friendship block with our name in the middle.  Use white muslin in the center to write on.  The unfinished size should be 10 ½ inches, any pattern, any color.
  8. We can still use more classes so bring ideas and patterns. Also bring your show and tell items.


Zelia (Zee) Still, just sent me a picture of my quilt. For those of you with internet, it is on the blog.    She  has a long arm and quilted it for me over the summer.   WOW it looks great.  Now where did I put the binding?  She has a long arm and is in Quartzsite almost full time.  You may want to bring her some quilting when you get back to town.




Committees:  Barb W., Icky, and Louise will be making the ribbons for the show this year.  I am sure we could use help.  We will try to do this at a meeting, otherwise at my place.


Enclosed is a website with a  check book cover pattern.  I thought this might be a great item for the crafts sale.  Of course I would imagine everyone would want to use a quilt block.  Mine will be embellished with scrapes of fabric and yarn.  I just got home from JoAnn Fabric where I bought fusible web and yarn for this project.  The web address is  If you can't get it I can try to email it to you as a attachment.  Let me know.  Mine turned out very nice. 



Here is something to do with your extra cucumbers.


Directions: To make the dressing, in a large bowl, combine sour cream, dill, vinegar, sugar,
salt, and pepper until well mixed. Refrigerate until the salad is ready to
serve. Peel cucumbers, cut them in half lengthwise, and remove seeds; cut them
crosswise into thin slices. Thinly slice onion. Fold the cucumber and onion into
the dressing. Spoon the salad into a serving dish, and serve immediately.

This recipe is from CDKitchen

Creamy Cucumber Salad
Serves/Makes: 4    |    |   Ready In: < 30 minutes


2 large Cucumbers, chilled
1/2 small Yellow onion
***Sour Cream Dressing***
1/2 cup Sour cream
1 teaspoon Dill weed
1 tablespoon Cider vinegar
1 teaspoon Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon White pepper




Remember the blog address is

See you soon.

Barbara Williams

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