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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi Everyone! 
I hope that everyone that was going "home" had a safe trip. Yes, the Q people have told me about the nice WARM weather.  Next year I am staying later in to April.   We had a flat the first day before we even got out of the state.  Yes, I know, too many rocks in the trailer.  It has snowed 3 times since we got home.  There was 8 inches in the last storm on Thursday.  There was even thunder and lightening.
Since I can't find my car in all the snow, I have been sewing to beat the band.  I made the block from Janet's stained glass class and it is great. Have you tried it yet?   I love it.  Thank you Janet and all the other great teachers that shared with us this year. 
 I hope you are checking out the pictures on the web pages.  We have 2 web sites now.  Let me know which you like better.  The picsa address is  I have more pictures to post if I ever get away from my sewing machine.  Also, if I put the wrong name on your picture....PLEASE tell me or you will be called by that name forever. 
I hope for a newsletter about May 1 2008.  Let me know if you have news.

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Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

Sorry to those that could not get to the pictures. I misspelled the site. You should add it to your favorites or create a short cut on your desktop when you get to the site. I am sure I will misspell it again. You know how I am.