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Monday, October 6, 2008

Awards Committee Report

I am sorry that I could not get the formatting to work. My original copy looks much nicer. This is the best I could do.

Committee Goals
1. Determine classes
2. Determine sizes
3. Determine awards
4. Determine how many places
5. Decide how to mark items for voting
6. Decide where and when to award prizes

I. Categories
a. Bed Quilts….the entrant declares.
i.Twin size ….minimum 54” x 90”
ii.Double or full ..72” x90”
iii.Queen size ….90” x 108”
iv.King ………..108” x 108
b .Small quilts
i.Crib size …42” x 54” or smaller
ii. Lap robe size…less then 54” x 42”
c . Wall hangings
i.All sizes from small to large
i1.not a bedcover or table topper
d. Household and decorative …entrant declares
i. Tablecloth
ii. Table toppers
iii. Table runners
iv. Pillows
v. Kitchen items
Pot holders
Appliance covers
e. Wearable
i. Sweatshirts
ii. Jackets
iii. Vests
iv. Purses and totes
v. Other Accessories
II. Awards
a. Winners will be notified as soon as possible
i. Votes tallied by number as soon as possible
b. First, second and third places
i. Each category
1. most votes will be first place
2. second place will be second place
3. Third most votes will be third place
c. People’s choice
i. Will be a separate vote
ii. Can be any item
D. Award labels
i. To be designed and contain
Guild name
ii. Will be awarded to each winner
E. Ribbons
i. Will be designed and made by a ribbon committee
F. Awards ceremony
1. Will be held at the first meeting of the Guild after the show
2. Followed by a pot luck
III. Marking the quilt
a. Each item will receive a colored dot to determine the category
b. Ballots will be marked to match with more dots or sharpie pens
1. Explain clearly to the voters

Committee members:
Peggy Barnes
Sue Hickman
Phyllis Lambeth
Donna Reynolds

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RV Quilter said...

Looks like a lot of work went into this, keep up the good work. Janet