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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sept 2007 newsletter

September News;

Hope every one has had a good summer. I will be taking a rock hunting trip for 3 weeks starting Sept. 15, then back to Mn for 3 weeks then packing for AZ.. How the time flys!

I am ahead of you on the mystery quilt since I have all the pieces..HA ha. I am sending you 3 double sided pages of instructions so that you will have the balance.
(Internet I think it will be coming as 6 photos.) Don’t ask why???? I will not send them all at the same time for those of you with dial up. I was making it 4 parts but we will all be on the road soon and I will not get to Q. until mid November. You may want to be all done by then. I am pleased with MOST of mine. I really had to work hard on the accuracy part with all those points.

Barb M. and Norma are reminding everyone to make things for QIA and if they are not going to be in AZ early they could mail the things to Barb M. since she is there already and will see that Norma gets them for the first sale Nov. 3. Send things to :Barbara Mitchell P.O. Box 3025 - Quartzsite, AZ 85359


Dues are now $10.00 annually and are to be paid at the first meeting you attend.
($5.00 for Guild and $5.00 for membership at Senior Citizens)
Our year will have to follow the same as Senior Citizens, namely, October – April.
This will be known as the “season” (example October 2007-April-2008) Please pay them at your first meeting.


Meetings are held every Tuesday from 9:00 AM to 4 PM. The first Tuesday of the month there will be a business meeting. The meetings will be held at the Senior Citizen Building on Moon Mountain Road. ##### Note: Main Street is all tore up until Dec 15th. Check your city map or call someone if you don’t know the back streets.

We just had a phone call from Senior Citizens and due to conflict in schedule for early Oct. the first time we will be able to get into the Center to sew or meet will be October 16. They will open the doors at 9:00 A.M.
So please plan on that date. Also it is important that we remember to pay dues early, so that we will all be members of Senior Citizens and that will assure we can keep our spot.

o 2 to 3 inch squares of fabric for Alice to help us learn about color theory, the more the merrier. I sure need help there.
o Fancy fabric and embellishments (beads, lace, etc) for crazy quilting
o Did you check out the bus tour idea? Or more ideas……
o No one has volunteered to teach so I have no supply list to send you. I still have time to email a list if you get one too me. I have some ideas, but they will use scraps and what have you…if I have too.

Keep Sewing and we will see you soon!

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