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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Red Work Patterns?

I am hoping to start some redwork embroidery this winter and wondered if I could ask any one who had some patterns they would be willing to share to bring them along.

I have started packing. We won't leave Washington till about the 15th of Oct but Iwant tobe more organized for a change. I saw a tv program about procrastination and I recoginzed myself. Of course this won't last.
Looking forward to our quilting season.
Your friend Louise


Bonnie said...

I can't find out where to post a letter soooooooooo I will just do it here & hope soneone sees it & does what it necessary .... This was in the latest GEM...
Quartzsite Senior Fall schedule

Bingo ... Wed

Sat nite bingo

Q. womens club 4th Mon

Senior board meeting & pot luck 3rd Tue.. 5:00

craft show 3rd Fri

With the closing of the community building on plymouth , the senior C has picked upmany of thier actives & meetings
WHERE ARE WE ! ! ! Bonnie

BJ said...

hool3ywe are still at the Senior Citizens every Tuesday morning starting Oct. 16th. It is on their new sign on the wall of the building. We had to wait until the 16th so that they could help out the committees in the community building while it is closed. We are still O.K. that is why it is important to pay dues early so that we can keep the spot
Barb M.

BJ said...

OOPS see what happens when you have your fingers on the wrong keys, so please ignore the first word and of course I did not preview it, so will try to be more careful in the future.
Barb M.

RV Quilter said...

Lots of red work on the internet. My girlfriend get all her redwork patterns there.