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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec 4 and woven table runner list for Dec 18

Sorry I have to change the resolution on my camera. It is fine for emails but not for uploading here. I will change it back for next week. I'll learn to take pictures some day soon, I hope.
Woven Table cloth Runner Class Dec 18

  • Fabric Make sure you have good contrast!

  • Dark color 1 yard........................Cut 10 3 inch strips

  • Medium color 1 1/2 yard..........Cut 15 3 inch strips

  • Light color 1 & 1/2 yard...........Cut 15 3 inch strips

Step 1. With rights sides together, sew strips into tubes using 1/4 inch seam. Stitch across one end to make it easy to turn with a wooden rod.

Step 2. Press tubes with seams to the side.

Bring this to class on the 18th. The first two steps take a long time. Barbara will show us how to do the weaving. We will use a 2 X 4 foot piece of Styrofoam 3/4 inch thick. Have tacks or push pins to hold the ends. This project will not be finished in one class. Herb's hardware has the Styrofoam in 4 X 8 sheets. So get 4 people together to buy one. They will cut it for you but Paul (the yard man) added that likes chocolate chip cookies and it sure would help him cut straight! We told him that more people will be coming in.

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Barb M. said...

Be sure to learn how to do this table runner. I will not be at this meeting. We will be in Vegas for a couple days. But I do want to learn how to do it.
Time is getting closer and closer for the bus trip, we need more to sign up.