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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hi Barb:
Just thought some of the group would be interested in seeing the Western quilt I was working on just before the end of the season. Some of them helped me lay it out & pin it for quilting. I finished it while we were travelling home and gave it to my daughter-in-law for her birthday. I did another Western quilt for my step-daughter's birthday in May but forgot to get a picture of it!
Also wanted to show off one of the Fairy panels I bought at the show in Phoenix. After I got home, I ordered the co-ordinating patterned fabric and found a couple of solid blue fabrics to match in my stash. I just finished it in time to give to my granddaughter for her 9th birthday this past weekend. I surprised myself and got it done in less than a week. Quite an accomplishment considering I'm working full time this summer and could only work on it in the evenings. I thought it would be quicker if I machine quilted it and everything went fairly well except my machine jammed a couple of times and I almost ran out of thread almost causing a panic attack! I was still sewing the binding on the way to the birthday party but I got it done! I have 2 more fairy panels and 2 more granddaughters. Thank goodness their birthdays aren't until September & December!
I was going to do quilts for a couple more daughters birthdays in July but I'm having 2nd thoughts about that now! I still have some kids quilts to finish up for the Family Motor Coach Assoc. convention in July. Hope I can find the time!
Hope your summer is going good. Other than having to work, I'm having a good one!
Kathy Chesher

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